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Converting Information Into Knowledge

Information obtained by companies needs to be processed in order to generate knowledge. The world is transitioning from the information era into the cognitive era. The agile and efficient conversion of information into knowledge is now the decisive factor for a company's competitive advantage.

At Tulipán 1637 we use novel techniques to convert information into knowledge. Our set of sophisticated methodologies can detect patterns, help look for relationships and anomalies and reveal structures to identify risks and opportunities. We achieve a holistic view of data.

Data is the new oil

In today's world, artificial intelligence, aritificial vision, natural language processing and machine learning are a fact of life. This new industrial revolution is happening right now and is labeled as the cognitive era. In the whole world, cognitive computing has revolutionized the way data is interpreted by extracting knowledge from where it was not possible before.

Big Data

Companies' data stores have been growing for decades and now hold a great volume of information. Information that is often simply stored with no added value. Tulipán 1637 has cutting edgetechnological infrastructure readily available to process and analyze companies' great amount of data in an agile and accurate manner.

Artificial Intelligence

In our platform we have implemented the latest developments in artificial intelligence. On the one hand we are experts using the tools developed by technological giants; and on the other hand, we keep up with the latest academical developments. This is how we are able to place at your disposal the best tools in the artificial intelligence field; we specialize in the areas of deep learning, natural language processing and artificial vision.

Data Visualization

At Tulipán 1637 the user's experience, the graphical user interface, the aesthetical factor and the visual comprehension of large amounts of data are of the utmost importance. We strive to enable our clients and their analysts to efficiently discover the inherent structure of data by visualizing it, regardless of the volume of information present.

Easy as one, two, three ...

Tulipán 1637 Artificial Intelligence - Our Methodology

We receive and store your information with the highest security standards.


Then we convert data to knowledge using novel artificial intelligence techniques.


Finally, you can visualize the results using our mobile platform, or access them via an API.

Have You Ever Seen Big Data?

Panama Papers Galaxy

Fedora Network Topology (MIT) ANVAKA
More than a million records
More than three million links
Dynamic cube visualization

IMDb Galaxy

Internet Movie Database
More than a million records
More than three million links
Dynamic cube visualization

Brazilian C.C.

Internet Movie Database
More than thirty-four million of records
More than seventeen million links
Dynamic cube visualization

Anomalies Galaxy

Internet Movie Database
More than nineteen million of records
More than seventeen million links
Dynamic cube visualization

Who are we?

Foto Santiago GutiérrezSantiago Gutiérrez - CEOMathematician, entrepreneur and an expert in managing private investment funds; he has founded numerous successful companies in several industrial sectors. With extensive knowledge in research, he has designed, created and implemented predictive models of punctual processes for the location of geolocalized resources. Apart from being passionate about algebra, he has over five years experience as the director of investment and risk in private banking. Furthermore, he is an expert in the architectures of databases.
Foto Juan David SernaJuan David Serna - COOMathematician, data scientist, artificial intelligence expert and a software developer who specializes in interactive platforms for data visualization on the web. He has extensive experience in managing financial assets for the banking and insurance sectors. Passionate about science, technology and the hidden patterns and structures that emerge from natural data. A tireless anomaly hunter, always looking for information hidden in plain sight.
Foto Juan Guillermo VélezJuan Guillermo Vélez - CIOMathematician. Specialized in stock market financial investments; with an emphasis in Value Investment Theory. His solid knowledge allows him to apply information science and data visualization to optimize financial resources and obtain great returns. Additionally he has ample experience in the financial management of private and public resources.
Foto Federico VelaFederico Vela - CTOMathematician and systems architect, he has extensive experience with local, national and regional payments systems. Expert at building highly available transactional systems that follow the strictest security standards for international electronic banking. With over 20 years experience in information systems, he is passionate about fabricating transactional systems for data processing and data visualization technologies.
Foto Daniel Serna BuitragoDaniel Serna Buitrago - CAIO Mechanical engineer, artificial vision expert with an emphasis on self driving cars and recognition of objects and actions in images and videos. Through his extensive hands on experience with neural networks he can design artificial intelligence algorithms for artificial vision, natural language processing and reinforcement learning.

Our Products

Tulipán 1637

Financial Technology

We are a group that specializes in the banking, financial, insurance and real estate industries. Using our technology you will be able to observe your information from a new perspective that will reveal:

  • Hidden Structures
  • Individual Risk
  • Interaction Networks
  • Exceptional Cases
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Tulipán 1637

Visión Artificial

At Tulipán 1637 we are experts processing images. Our tools can extract important knowledge analyzing visual information. We combine novel cognitive technologies with legacy technologies like scanners, OCR and MICR. We offer our services by using the most advanced tools for artificial interpretation of visual information contained within:

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Forms, Tests and Questionnaires
  • Documents
  • Photographs
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